Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello guys! I'm finally back! I'm still recovering and trying to gain more weight this time. No worries, I feel quite okay and hope my belly will be completely healed soon. Thank you very much for your support, encouragement, love and prayers thru my troubles, challenges, pain and trials. I love you guys! Oh thanks God, thanks God for giving me strength and patience for long. Now, I'm so happy to eat real foods again. Of course, take it easy first. 

Anyway, here's my final announcement about my shop update. Be sure to check your time zone converter correctly. I recommend you to use your super duper internet connection so you can grab one of my pieces before soldout. NO RESERVATIONS, sorry. If you have questions, just email / message me. Before buying, kindly read my shop polices. GOOD LUCK GUYS!


Unknown said...

So glad to see you're doing better! Welcome back ;-)

Jaycie said...

Yay! So glad to see you're on the mend and feeling much better! :D

Khylov said...

So who's the vampire that keeps attacking the supermodel.

Anonymous said...

those look painful :( but welcome back!u work so hard :)

Daiane dos santos da silva said...

I love you Mall! Stay with God!

I am a fan from Brazil <3

Mónica Laura said...

I have been worried about you. Your updates stopped coming, and there was no trace of you on the Internet. I am very sorry to know you have had such a hard time, but really happy that you made it. Your talent changes peoples' lives for the better. You make us smile, and you spread light with your beautiful work.

Get strong, nurture your body! We need you!

Here for you if you need anything.