Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My First Personal Comic: Babu and Abu

Today is my birthday, ol' me.
I love strawberry cake. Oh, my character Babu really loves to tease me at all times.

Many friends dared me to make a Winsor McCay style comic past few years ago. It made me realized that I should do it for my birthday this time. I did my first personal comic for 5 days. The size of the oslo paper is 12 inches X 1
8 inches ( it's not the same size of McCay's original drawing ). Argh, my right hand is a little bit painful but I really enjoyed doing my comic. For me personally, I think it's really hard to think alot about concept, story, elements, details, perspective, characters, panels, compositions, more before starting a comic. I loved to learn alot from McCay's brillance, creative and intelligence. Yey, my mission accomplished. I really hope you guys enjoy reading my comic. Here's my photo collage.

I hope I could have time to make more next colored comics in the future. Good news, I made my first ACEO two small original pencil drawings. ACEO stands for " Art Cards, Editions and Originals ". These cards have one main rule - they are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches - the size of a trading card. They fit comfortably into trading card sleeves and trading card frames. ACEO artworks are perfectly suitable for your art collection.

Why did I make my ACEO artworks? Because my fans kept emailing to me that they can't afford my big original works. They said they wish I could make ACEO artworks so they want to buy them, awww. It's USD $15 each drawing. Next time, I'll make more ACEO pencil / colored artworks when I have time. I'll list them on my Etsy shop maybe after my birthday, keep watching them, my fellow buyers. Sorry, I don't accept reserved listing / art trade. Good luck!

Hidden Marsh I
Hidden Marsh II

More details:

Alright, I have to sleep now! Much love to all of you!


Bjornik said...

Happy birthday Mall! Woohoo! Very nice comic, gift mo ba to sa sarili mo?:) This will make a good series. I'm sure this will be a big hit!

Happy birthday! Mwah!

MC said...

I love your work, Mall, and your interior world, so colourful and positive! I always visit your blog from Spain! Kisses!! Mari Carmen

Anonymous said...

Wow your art makes me speechless. You are really a HARD CORE BAD ASS artist. truly genius....

- yano

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your art, this comic is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mall, it's so so so pretty :D
Happy birthday sweetie :D :D :D

Unknown said...

happy birthay.. MALL... feliz cumpleaños... i do follow each of your post...is so inspiring... and you are not old... I am for 1 year..

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday May Ann!!! Sincerely hope you have a wonderful and magical day ♥ ♥ ♥

The comic is stunning. We were both impressed and in awe with the amazing work that you did. Congrats!! The composition/linework and characters are AMAZING!! And *pssstt* 28 is not old... not at all! You are getting even more prettier and talented with the age :D :D

Oh, and we really like that picture of you holding the comic. Sooo ADORABLE!! *g*

The ACEO's look amazing!! Will be keeping an eye on your store :P

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! *smooches*

Anonymous said...

Hi Mall! Really love your work and this latest one is fantastic! Keep 'em coming; you are an inspiration!

Tom Scholes said...

Heheheeeeee cute comic!
Happy Birthday Mall!

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

It's really beautiful and full!!!
your comic has an awesome sense of flow and a yummmy looking cake! happy birthday!

Katherine said...

I love your comic, and your talent! Happy Birthday :)

nick + said...

Awesome work there!
With all these goodies coming, don't think you'll be opened for commissions anytime soon? *fingers crossed

All the best!

Aneesah said...

Joining the string of comments to say HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! You're a February baby like me! ;D

And the comic is gorgeoussssss. So neat.

Best wishes! <3

PurpleCookie said...

hello girl!!
i am in tw right now... visiting family!!!!
i love your ACEO artwork!
i want one!!! haahaa
miss you~

Khylov said...

...You sure your last name isn't McCay? Really, I can see a touch of Irish red in the hair.


Maligayang bati, hon.

SaraLynnArt said...

Happy Birthday, Mall! :D

Oh my goodness! Your comic is absolutely fabulous! It's so much like one of Winsor McCay's! I ADORE the concept. The composition in each little square seems so perfect, and the overall composition with the different shaped squares is lovely. Beautiful shading, as always. I hope you'll have time to do more - I really am enjoying this one!

Also... what adorable ACEOs!

Komyo said...

A late Happy Birthday, Mall :)
Love your work!!!
Today's finding on your blog is the Art Diary on the side. I love the expressions of feelings, especially the Unconsciousness drawing. Many of your works speak to me at a very personal level. Thank you...

Komyo said...

A late Happy Birthday, Mall :)
Love your work!!!
Today's finding on your blog is the Art Diary on the side. I love the expressions of feelings, especially the Unconsciousness drawing. Many of your works speak to me at a very personal level. Thank you...

Nicolas Gouny said...

have a great birthday May (in february ;))

i love the focuses on your little card, i could see truely the delicate work of texture :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaawww, the comic is so adorable!!! Ang galing mo talaga. You truly are one of my illustration idols! <3 Happy birthday! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mall! The comic is lovely and adorable, and very Nemo. The art cards are also beautiful but for some reason I also find them a bit frightening. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful birthday, the personal comic is a great idea and I hope you continue the tradition next year!

Anonymous said...

DAMN! I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR COMIC!!! So cute and adorable! Nemo style comic still does exist hahaha! Hooray for McCay tribute! :D Hope you continue to do more comics, pleassseeeee! We want! We want! We want! When will you create your next comic again?

belated happy bday girl! Love your ACEO drawings! Your creatures are so odd! :D

Anonymous said...

happy birthday MALL!!
you're truely an inspiration ><
l love your work very much. can't wait to see more!! :3

BlueBirdie said...

Happy birthday Mall!! Your new comic looks beautiful, your creativity is soaring on your special day!

Kacey said...

Happy Birthday girl! I just turned 25 on the 28th of Feb:) Your work is full of life and so inspiring.I especially love how you document your process and show details as well! Hope you have a great 28th year!

Mall said...


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

the mad hatter said...

I loved your art so much I posted about it in my blog:


I also used an image from your blog. I hope you're okay with it-- if not, I can take it down.

P.s. I also linked it in my blogroll.

Keep up the awesome work.

Mall said...

Hey, thanks for featuring and linking me! I'm quite pleased and grateful. :) Your site is interesting! Glad you love my art. Remind you, I'm not from Manila. I live in La Union. :D Thank you for posting it! nice to meet you!

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