Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Invitation for Harley & Georgia ( Part II )

I would like to thank you all for enjoying my art blog. I had no idea that I got 200 - 300 visitors when I posted my previous blog entry. I greatly thank all of you, my fellow readers and bloggers.

I finished my 2nd commissioned painting for the wedding invitation of Harley and Georgia. WEeeeeee! My good talented friend Meagan asked me, "What's an entourage page?" Georgia explained to me very well about the first page and entourage page for the wedding invitation. Check the pictures below.

Weeeee, it's done. I changed the look a rather bit according to the sweet requests of Georgia and Harley. Because they will put more texts of many names on the entourage page. They're right. It's beautifully simple. I'm happy that Harley and Georgia are duper super happy to love it. Weee!

Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Strathmore
15" X 22"

Yey! My mission accomplished! Whew, I enjoyed doing my new challenge about wedding invitation. I can't wait to attend their enchanting wedding in Cebu, Philippines on December 2009. Eeeppp... i think i'll wear a long sexy dress? Oh no... :P Anyway, congratulations my wonderful humble cool generous cousins Harley and Georgia!

And I would like to thank my dearest sweet beautiful friend Amanda from Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery, who gave me duper super adorable gifts for me! I love them very much! They make me big smile! <3 <3 <3

I'm fully tired, wee. Glad that I'm taking a break while waiting for my next client's art requests for another commission. I'll make a McCay - style comic of my characters Babu and his kitten Abu sooner.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Don't forget to share hugs with everyone!


Kat said...

Wow, nice! Definitely a unique wedding invite. Guests will certainly keep this (unlike some who tend to forget about the invites they get hehe).

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so amazing :D
I LOVE the wedding cards so much xD

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mall! I get it now. I've seen them before, but didn't know they were called anything. These are wonderful, the perfect combination of nature, magic, and personalization.

Anonymous said...

in love with your art... that's the way i'm feeling now.
absolutely fantastic works, mall!!!


SaraLynnArt said...

The invitation is so beautiful! I love the composition and colors... it's just enchanting!

Also, I love your comics... I can't wait to see what you come up with! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've finished it!! It looks amazing!! The colours are so enchanting!! The guests are going to save those invitations forever :D it is a marvellous painting ♥ ♥ ♥

In what regards the clothes that you will be wearing at the wedding, long dress seems a wonderful idea! You will look stunning. Oh, don't forget to carry a pen coz when people know that you did the drawings in the invitation, everyone will ask for your autograph :D

Those business cards of your friend's gallery are the cutest thing. Uber cool and soooo original!! :)


lgeorgia said...

thanks my future cousin in law for doing the invite's illustrations. we love you! love you to bits!

we're always wishing for all the best for you dear because an angel like you are truly deserves nothing less.


kuting said...

2 thumbs up! i'm a big fan of your work.. really can't wait for your next blog / art.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh this is really nice Mall. :D Really awesome. Oh i wanna let you know, I am applying for Korea Scholarship. I don't know when will be the results comin' out. Still waiting.*sigh*

I hope you are doin fine Mall. *hugglesh*

Unknown said...

beautiful pieces! I especially love seeing your sketches and seeing how you do things.