Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding Invitation for Harley & Georgia ( Part I )

My first cousin Harley and his gorgeous sweet lovely bride (my future cousin-in law) Georgia commissioned me for their wedding invitation. They requested me about the details, elements, colors, etc. They showed me their sweet pics... they got engaged in Scotland. AAwww... Check their pics below.

After I researched their pics and samples of the motif colors, materials, more for a few days, I made my quick rough studies. So they were three different concepts, I asked them to choose. They chose No.1 for the first page and No.2 for the entourage page of their wedding invitation.

So I finished my illustration for the first page of their wedding invitation. I'm quite happy that they loved it!

Acrylic + Colored Pencil on Strathmore
15" X 22"

I'm still working on my 2nd illustration for the entourage page of their wedding invitation. Georgia kindly asked me to take photos of me, my studio and my art progress.

My old Acacia wood table. It looks like a Japanese table. I love it.

Work. Work. Work. And look at my art progress below. Tweet. Tweet.

And when I take a break, I love to carve my own rubber stamps. Hmmm, I need to finish carving my new classic alphabets and other unique creatures for my own stamp collection!

I love to make my paper stamping tags for my Kirkus products! Kirkus handcarved rubber stamps are available on Etsy. See you for my next blog entry about Wedding Invitation Part II!


Anonymous said...

waaaaaa the card is so awesomeeee xD AND I LOVE YOUR STAMPS :D :D :D

Unknown said...

naks! ganda nito ah! san na yung pinapagawa ko sa yo?hehe!;) baka every year na lang magpakasal si Harley at Georgia para magkaroon ulit ng ganito ka gandang invitation.:)

good luck sa kirkus niyo!:)

debbie said...

I love your stamps and the packaging is just perfect!

That has to be the most adorable wedding invite I have ever seen ..they are very lucky!

beautiful work as ever

Debbie x

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that they asked you to do the invitation, Mall, and it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see the entourage page (what's an entourage page?). I did the invitations for Matt and my wedding, it's fun to have something totally unique to give people.

Thanks for the peek at your studio!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post this was *smiles* Harley and Georgia make a wonderful couple. You totally managed to capture their facial expressions in your painting. The composition/colours are sooo enchanting! It totally portrays a romantic moment shared between a couple. ♥ love that idea of taking photos while you are working... it's inspiring! :D :D
Oh, and we LOVE the stamps. That cat-owl is just the most adorable thing that we've seen. If J.K Rowling sees that, she might think about having a similar owl in the next Harry Potter movie :P ehehe...


Anonymous said...

I think this is the most unique and adorable wedding invitation I ever see! Excellent job! high five! look forward to seeing your next illustration!

I discovered you on drawn! last week. Wow, I was blown away... You're a true artist, girl. :) Please don't ever stop painting nor drawing nor crafting!

i love your unique stamps!

Unknown said...

love the stamps!
I should try to do some

Anonymous said...

;____; Harley and Georgia are soo LUCKKKKYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! sniffff sniffffff!!!!! I want may ann's masterpieces <3 <3 <3 <3



Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful work! And Magical.

SaraLynnArt said...

Oh, Mall! That is such a beautiful wedding invitation!

Also... your handmade stamps are stunning! Anyone who gets to own them is lucky to have a piece of your charming artwork to enjoy over and over again!

Jennifer Zivoin said...

The wedding invitation painting is so beautiful! I am sure they will love it!

Mall said...

gis: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D weeee!

bjornik: hehehe nasa computer ko ung drawing mo! :) pag may sariling house ko, pede na ako magprint ung drawing mo tapos i-hang ko yun at mga artworks na mga friends ko. :D Yep oo daw, baka baby shower nila tee hee!

debbie: hey dearest thank you!!! :D I'm so happy that you have blog! I keep visiting yours. :)

meagan: yey! glad you loved it! I agree with you, that's extremely sweet, lovely and unique that you and your hubby made wedding invitation! :D (psssh, I posted my new blog entry about entourage page. ;) )

pat&susana: thanks my sweeties! (and thanks for sending me your sweet email letter, you both made me big smile!) Glad you enjoyed my pictures, I covered my shy face with my thumbnail, hahaha! Hope your internet will work soon! :) MWAAAAHHH!

jowa: :) thank you, thank you!

karo: hey thankies! I'll look forward to seeing your own stamps too! and I love your works! ;)

mika: awwwww ARIGATO! *glomps* mwahmwahmwahmwahmwahmwahmwaaaahh!

anonymous: :) thanks!

sara: tee heee! thank you! I'm so happy that you made your handcarving stamps too! don't forget to buy more erasers and ink stamping pads! :)

jen: weeee! thank you my dearest sis! :D

Lorenzo said...

Wow! I love your work! They are beautiful!