Saturday, April 19, 2008

WIP: Fairy Commission for Melina

I'm still working on my unfinished commission for my client Jack's beautiful daughter, Melina. I can't wait to finish the robot one for Alexi (Jack's handsome son) soon. Anyway, Melina made her adorable fairy drawing for me. Absolutely sweet. She's such a sweetheart. I love her!

Apart from this, My close friend Leficia from Australia, who made a knitted beanie for my super belated birthday. She wanted to take a photo of me with handmade beanie. Awwwww... she's such a big talented darling, aye? She knows that I'm a beanie collector (I have more than 20 different beanies, anyway.) Friendship, Love and Trust are priceless, aye?

Whew... dang, I'm a need to finish my 5 awaiting commissions.... busy busy busy busy... I need to have more more more energy!!!! GAMMMBBAARREEEE!!!!!! KAYAAA KOOO YAAAANNNNN!!!!!!! I wanna eat a watermelon right now.... *Mall is so hungry...* It's unbelievable that the weather is totally hot here, like 37-39 degree Celsius. Ohhhh..... Anyway, I think I might be inactive nowadays, I should finish all of my commissions. See you guys soon!


Aneesah said...

Oh my... those raised textured bits on your painting are so lovely! ^___^ How in the world do you do that? They look... embossed, almost! :D

And the colours are absolutely gorgeous. :) Cheered me up already!

Beanies are cool~ I've made one once, supposedly for my brother but it turned out kinda small. XD It's probably collecting dust at home now.

Haha, did you know "gambar" in Malay means picture? :P What does gambare mean? ^^

stephanie said...

Aww...the little fairy!!!
you look adorable in the handmade beanie!! :)
Good luck with your commissioned work!!!

Pat & Susana said...

Like we told you before, this is just precious. The stars that sprung from the wand is such a beautiful detail! Love the warmth of the colours too. ♥ ♥ And Melina is sooo adorable!! You totally captured her sweet smile in the painting :) and how cute is that drawing she made for you? :D

That picture of you and Leficia is so cool!! You two have such a fun and relaxed look on your faces :) and congrats again to Leficia for her wonderful skills as a knitter. That beanie is awesome!!

Gosh, you are having 37/39ºC? Waaaa, we want that weather too! It has been raining here all day and the temperatures have dropped a lot :P

Wish you the best of luck for your 5 commissions!! You'll be fine :) don't forget to rest too... and eat the watermelon XD *hugs*

Eric Orchard said...

Wow!Greatpicture, lucky Melina!
Is that a new profile picture??

bjornik said...

Hi Mall! lalo akong nalulungkot nung nakita ko tong textures mo. eto kasi yung gusto ko gawin sa unfinished artwork ko eh. grabeh, ang galing

Meagan said...

Those are beautiful, what sort of paper are you using?

Mall said...

aneesah: :D thank you my darling aneesah! I'm using thick acrylic for making textures. :) Awww, glad my colors made you happy! *hugs*

Ohhh! i saw your flickr photos of your craft stuff before... Man, i loved them. You should also make beanies for selling! :D what do you think?

Whoaaa, Gambar means picture? I never heard that Malay word! :D Gambarre means... like "you can do it!" or "do it!" in Japanese word. :D

stephanie: :D honey, wait for my Gmail reply! thanks for sending me your lovely letter!

pat&susana: thank you my darling twins!!!! Indeed, Melina is quite adorable! I wanna hug her because she did a cute drawing for me! weeee! :D

:D yeah! Leficia is so talented! I want her to make more beanies for selling! :3

Tee hee, let's switch our weathers! I want rain so it can shower me outside! :D

eric: hello eric! Melina is so adorable, isn't she? :D hehehe, yep, i changed the profile pic. :P

bjornik: uy, hintayin mo ung dA reply ko dun ah. Awwwww, thanks tol. *hugs* sasabihin kita anong ginamit ko ung textures. :)

meagan: :) thanks meagan! Im using Arches paper. Sometimes I use Strathmore.

pupu said...

Oh wow!!! I love it!!! I love the 'choochoo' fairy! *teehee* Ohh u use the texture gel to make the texture is it? hehehe.. i'm stil learning though as now i'm taking course in Acrylic mediums. hueheuhehe.. Be back faster yah! I wanna see more of your wonderful work! *HUGGS*
Hmm.. i got another bad news dear.. I ask my relatives to help me for my education loan since my parents are not working but they said they can't help me. hmm. :S too bad. I'm so eager to learn in BA (Hons) Illustration. And for now I'm waiting to enter our local university and the course i'll be taking is BA of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (hahah borings subject.. haha).. i just wish that if i have the money.. I'll just fly over to UK! :(

That was Laura but she's only a dream said...

Hi Mall!, Bogota is too cold brrrr, and it's raining and people is angry... well, I like the fairy and the bunnies! It reminds me the books of my childhood, I love the textures and composition, congrats! and God bless you!

Ann said...

Love your drawing..inspires me..I dunno when will i ever start doing something with my own drawings..I dunno where to begin...*sigh*..I wish I live nearby you so I can get all the encouragement from you.Take care Mall.

TrüSka said...

Hi Mall! Today i remembered you because it's Earth Day and i found a beautiful image of a Tarsius! I started to read more about it and learned they can be found in the Philipines : D They are soooo lovely!! Have you ever seen one?... About your recent work... what can i say? I absolutely Love it! Can't wait to see it finished!I'm a big fan and I come to your blog every week! So i already know you're a very sweet and crazy girl hehehehe : D BIG KISS

Anonymous said...

hello mall!! the fairy painting is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it sooo much! Melina will be happy! such a lovely painting for such a sweet girl! many compliments! you rules!!!

un Gouny ou l'autre said...

Ohhhh I miss that, I loved to draw a fairy for you !!

Mall said...

pupu: yes, I use acrylic texture and other different mediums, honey. :) try to use it and make textures!

Sorry for your bad news... :( You know what, if you can take up your course Engineering, that would be okay. Still, you can keep painting and drawing during your engineering studies. Like my fellow artists Gerry Alanguilan and Jomike Tejido, they are real architects... they keep illustrating, drawing/scribbling, making comics and painting. :) Believe it or not, I got passed my past entrance exam for taking up Architecture in Saint Louis University before. But, but I finally decided to choose Certificate in FA where I got passed. Because I might not understand those complex words about architecture (that's why I'm a deaf-muted girl). :D If you feel completely comfortable with any course, you can keep drawing and painting! :D Go go go, Rawini!!!! *HUGS*

I really hope your family, relatives and friends will help you for your education loans! It would be so fun and interesting if you take up Illustrations! :D Keep me updated! MWAH!

laura: heyyyy i love that rain! the weather is totally crazily hot here, hu hu hu! My plants need rain! :D Glad you loved it! Mwah!

ann: awwww... *hugs* don't be afraid whatever you draw. I wish I could be with you so I can teach you how to draw and paint! :D

TrüSka: Hehehehehehe, when i have time, I'll take photos of me and Tarsier (hope he will not scratch my face!)

kurachan: :) thanks dear! I enjoyed doing a fairy! Melina emailed me how much she loved it, awww!

nicolas: :D yeah, i remember you made a hommage for me, awww! Merci my dearest friend!