Saturday, August 2, 2008

Graphikapinoy Magazine

I forgot to tell you guys that I got inteviewed by Graphikapinoy Magazine. Graphikapinoy Magazine is a free downloadable PDF magazine in support of the Filipino creatives. Awesome, their website is quite cool and great!

Hmm, my portrait picture looks so scary like a real BLOODY TOMBOYISH-STYLE convict, hahahahaha! (Naaaah, I'm not a lesbian! I'm a beanie collector.) Thanks to Mon Paningbatan for interviewing me, I'm very pleased. Take a look at the screenshot pics. Enjoy reading, you guys better know more about me and my art. If you can't read the small fonts, please download there at Graphikapinoy Magazine website.

I was quite surprised that my very great friend Gerry Alanguilan (one of my favorite Filipino comic artists) got interviewed too! (Kuya Gerry, you didn't tell me about that!) Hooray!

And there are more articles about great Filipino artists: Sergio Bumatay, Christopher Alexander de Joya, Isabel Roxas, more. Please download this 4th issue magazine to read the full magazine!

Another sneakie peekie... I'm making my few art pieces for the upcoming art group show at Florida, USA... maybe around on November or December 2008. I love my unique dried leaves very much.

Again photo of me... I felt tired while listening to music & researching a lot about my upcoming biggest commission. I might be away from the internet for more days soon... Weee, I'm going to meet my client Cristina to give her my commissioned works at Baguio City tomorrow. I'll reply to you guys in my previous blog entries. *winks winks* Ciao!

Now you guys see my holey moley mole. (At least it's tiny!)


Kat said...

I've seen Pepper Roxas' work and heard her talk about Ang INK. Nakakatuwa siya hehe.

Congrats on the feature! :D

Nicolas Gouny said...

extra !!

Mall said...

kat: I wish i could see INK organization especially Pepper Roxas, Marcus Salvatus, etc.. :) thanks!

nicolas: weeee!

mika said...

love your cute freckles. :3

congratz on your feature, sistah! :3 you inspire me strongly! I realize... you were very hardworking, persistent and brave through your troubles, deficiency, bullies, problems... you really never it up. I confess that i gave it up many times LOL... But your excellent interview really helped me alot. I wanna be mature and strong. tnx for sharing.. :3

you're so extraordinary and unique.. Like, it's difficult to find a rare treasure, you know what i mean? glad you are here on earth. if you were not here, i might feel incomplete or maybe lack of inspiration, sis. Imagine that, freckie-chan... i'm very proud of you!!!! :3 don't ever stop making beautiful artworks!!!

aishiteru! ^ 3 ^ please visit here in Japan!!!! you can eat my yummy foods: sashimi, sushi, tempura, more! :3 then let's go to studio ghibli museum!!!!

ps love your latest work!

Anonymous said...

congratulations for the beautiful interview Mall!! you're getting famous. ^__-

Gis said...

I am sooo happy :D :D :D This is so cool hun congrats :D :D You are an amazing artists so its more than deserved, you shuld be featured everywhereeee!! :D
Also wanted to let you know am having a little giveaway in my blog so check it out if you want :D :D

wanderer said...

I admire very much your art. Keep up the good work!
PS.: sorry my blog is in portuguese.

palma tayona said...

i think i jumped into your blog through bjornik's. i surfed and read through the contents of your site and i think you have very, very wonderful works.

they're beautiful and masterfully illustrated. wonderful works. :-)

Anonymous said...

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julian said...

adorable n gorgeous~