Monday, October 6, 2008

Wee, I'm a 2008 Creative "It" Lister!

Hello! Yeah, i'm still alive here in Makati, Manila. I enjoyed working on my complex project alot. Hope my project will finish soon. Whew, I'm glad that I got an internet here at the house of my brother's wonderful wife. But I'm not active at all times.

I would like to tell you guys that I have chosen as one of the most creative 24 young artist in Preview Magazine's Creative “It” List, October 2008 Issue.

Hmm, I was like, "Heeyyy... why are my feet smelly?" Hehehe, just kidding. Eeeep, I looked serious. This picture was taken by Charles, photographer from Preview last August 2008.

And I already knew that my friend Mark Salvatus was also chosen!

There are more talented people, check the Preview Magazine, October 2008 Issue. I greatly thank to Preview! Alright, I'll update my post soon. See you guys! MWAH! Miss you all!

P.S. I'll reply to all of you when I have time, my fellow bloggers and readers. KUDOS!


Gis said...

wiii! congrats sweetieee! so well deserved!!!

Pat and Susana said...

ooooommmmggggggggg!!!Congratulations for that awesome feature!! That is a deserve recognition of your incredible talent and your magnificent and original pieces!! :D you look SO cute in the cover pic of the article and then on the interview ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. Love the side bar with the preview of your work. We can't stop looking at it! :D

P.P.S. Hope all is going well with your project!

P.P.S 1 Misss you!! mwahh mwahh

Katherine said...

Congratulations! Your talent should be recognized.

Sorrentino said...

hey hey!!!
look at you!!!
send some of that luck my way!!
You deserve it, your pictures are too beautiful to pass up!

Khylov said...

Hmmmm... Who's that model with the glasses? Dang... I need to find me a copy. (*looks through magazine racks*)

Hope everything's going great with your job, hon. (Actually, hope that they all can keep up with your style, heheh.) Kaya mo yan, yo.

andrea of ffft said...

You look brilliant! As for the other post, I am not featuring you till I get a work of art from you or I may never move to the top of the list. Let me know when you are not so swamped... I want a Mall!


I will put you on my blog though, I keep going to post you and then I think about how I most likely should post the piece I get from you. So I wait. :)

Nicolas Gouny said...

That's wonderful, and the image is so good !!

I thought first you were on the cover without your glasses :)

stephanie said...

Awww congrats!!!
Your work is beautiful and I love the profile picture of you!
You look so cool! :)
Hope all is well!
Best wishes

Björnik said...

Wow! Grabeh na to, di na mapigilan ang pagsikat ni Mall! Idol talaga, keep up the excellent work and I hope to see you soon! ISAW na!:)

pupu said...

OH MALLLL!!!! *HUGGLESHH****. really mish you girl! Wow, you are featured in a magazine. This is so great Mall!!! *dance with Mall* haha Its been a very long time you haven't update your website. hehe me tooo.. I know. Its been killing my days. and all this assignments.. arghh! I just wish i got an ART scholarship other than study computer science. haha.

Any good news Mall? :)

maria goretti "maritjee" said...

hi mall....congratss!!! u deserve it!!! big hug from indonesia

ShandyRp said...

AWWWW!!! I'M SO F***ING HAPPY!!! & the more I Proud of You MALL! :D... (oh i'm speechless) xD

:jump, spin, roll & hug you: LOL

Alison said...

Ahh! Congratulations. I'm excited for you, Mall!

nayef said...
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nayef said...
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Jack R said...

Hi May Ann,
Melina was so excited to see her portrait featured as part of you being selected as Preview's "It" people. Congratulations and how exciting for you. We still need to send you photos of the pictures in their frames. I think you'll like them.
Jack, Tatiana, Melina & Alexi

shaui said...

im a BIIIIIG fan!!! love your work!

stephanie said...

Good luck on the project!! :)
The picture of you and your mom is so cute!! *Your mom looks so young~ for a moment I thought she may be one of your siblings!* keekee
Take care!! And best wishes~

Fabian said...

I just discover your blog, and really... beyond amazing work!! Truly beautiful, so i can promise i just turned in to a faithful follower of you.
Have an amazing weekend!

Meagan said...

Congratulations Mall, you deserve it. :)

Nikki said...

WOW! :-) You didn't tell me about this when we had our chat... WOW!!! I'm so proud to know you! You definitely deserve a SPOT (a big, bright purple one!!!) on this list.