Friday, March 27, 2009

200 Best Illustrators worldwide 09/10

personal work for my art diary

Yesterday, my mama got a phone call and called me "May Ann! Phone!" I went down and I told her "But mama, I can't answer that phone 'coz of my hearing deficiency... unless I can read their lips so I would understand what they're talking." Mama didn't understand what they were talking because of the uncleared sound during long distance telephone. I told her "Uhmm, tell them it's better to email me." Then I checked my email after a few hours. When I read it, I was speechless. My heart was beating so fast. An email from Luerzer's Archive said that I got selected from more than 4000 illustrations. My old personal work Confusion is going to be published of Best 200 Illustrators worldwide (Luerzer's Archive 09/10) soon. Sniff, I'm quite happy, I still can't believe it. Thank you so much for selecting me, Luerzer! :)

Apart from that, I received a customized vinyl toy from my client Nick. It's named Mellow, created by Christopher Lee. Mellow is extremely cute yet sad. He makes me wanted to hug him tightly, awwww. Nick requested me to customize it, I was super thrilled because this is my first time. In April, I'll be ready to paint Mellow into dreamy, mystical one. I can't wait to start doing my rough studies! Thanks to Nick, who let me to take my time. I'm so happy that my customized toy will be part of Nick's Mellow collections soon.

By the way, I also received a package from Nucleus Gallery. They wanted me to sign my name on 25 limited prints "The Notorious Ornate Horned Frog". The prints are so beautiful! I'll send them back to Nucleus Gallery next week. Don't forget to watch them when they will launch them on their site, only 25 limited prints! I greatly thank to Nucleus Gallery for supporting me and my art! I really appreciate it! In time, I would love to meet Nucleus Gallery people in person!

And I'll list my original small ACEO paintings in my Etsy shop (UPDATED: Philippines time: Sunday, 11:55pm... Sorry, I didn't list them on Etsy last night it's because of Earth day, no electricity. It's good for Mother Earth.). It's USD$25 each small colored painting. The medium is acrylic and colored pencil on paper. The size of each painting is 3.5" X 2.5" inches. Good luck, art buyers!

Curious Octopus
- SOLD -

Upset Daruma
- SOLD -

And the rest is.... my art progress for the art group show, "Blue Tsunami Queen".
I might not be active on internet for few days. My mama and I are going to Manila to give my speech to the deaf students in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde on the first week of April. I'm still nervous, wish me luck! And congratulation to my dearest sister Erica for her nursing graduation! Hooray!

I'll miss you guys! See you all!

P.S. I'll reply to all of you in my previous blog entry soon. thanks for the lovely comments!


nick + said...

Awesome Mall! I'm sure it will be one heck of a piece of artwork.

Best wishes

Nicolas Gouny said...

that is wonderful May Ann, I love to see all those little details of your works ^^

stephanie said...

:) Have a safe trip!!!
Love your work as always!!!!

Khylov said...

Hmm, Christopher Lee - was great in Lord of the Rings. Looks like he's witchcrafting himself a new army of Mellows for Eisengard, since the rest of his orcs either blew themselves up or got themselves flushed.


P.S.; Congrats again hon. Miss you already.

anuarsalleh said...

Aww..great on details..always love ur illustration frm a far..
Keep on goin! Wish i can purchase ur masterpiece.

Meagan said...

Congratulations Mall! You deserve it. Fun to see the progress on that last piece. She reminds me of one of the characters from my book. I'll post some old sketches this weekend so you can see what I mean.

Sara said...

That is one of my favorite drawings - you deserve for it to be in the collection! Bravo, Mall!

Also, good luck with your speech! I'm sure it will be so inspiring!

Lilla Jizo said...

I am so happy for you for getting selected for that 200 best illustrators!! :D You truly deserve it! Have a great time in Manila!

pupu said...

Hi Mall... I'm in Korea already. We'll begin to study korean language in April 9th. And before that I celebrate my bday here.Uwaaa.. and the same time there will be our exhibition at the Red Gate Gallery right? :)

Pat and Susana said...

We both were really excited for you when we read those amazing news of you being selected amongst so many illustrations!! It is a well deserved prize and recognition for the oustanding work that you have been doing as an artist and as an inspiration for any upcoming illustrator/paintor ♥ also, being featured there will also be a wonderful promotion of your work for those that are less familiar with it. You will be gaining a lot more fans :D

As for Mellow, he is such an adorable little orange guy!! Nick collection of custom toys is amazing. Will be curious to see what how your toy will look like!!!

aww, congrats on the limited prints too. It is a very thoughtful idea of Nucleus Gallery. We are sure that they will be a great hit.

The ACEO paintings look soooo whimsical!! Those colours are very enchanting. However, like we said in Flickr, since we are going out in a couple of minutes we are going to miss the time when you will list them *sighhhhh*

Say congratulations to Erica for her graduation. We wish her all the best!! And good luck for your speech honey. Don't feel nervous. You'll be fine. Just be yourself that we are sure they will love you ♥

Miss you too!! Have a good trip to Manila (and say 'mabuhay' from us to your mama.).

P.S. Whew... sory for such a long comment. We got carried away :P

Anna said...

You are a great artist and very inspiring. I love your unique and colorful style!

Anonymous said...

congratz honey! :D