Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Open Art Commissions (CLOSED) + Mail Me Art

Hooraaaaay, my art commissions are now open for SEVEN SLOTS only. Please email me directly if you are interested, so I would reserve seven slots in the future.
* Recent Commissions:
1st: Whilce (still waiting for his requests)
2nd: Nick (working)
3rd: Susana & Patricia (hold on)

* Unconfirmed Commissions:
- Dyanne (Even band, art music album commission)
- Sean H. (vintage style art commission)

* UPDATED: New Future Comissions:
4th: Erin N. (acrylic + colored pencil on paper)
5th: Sean M.
6th: Anne L.
7th: Dary
8th: ( CLOSED )
9th: ( CLOSED )
10th: ( CLOSED )

Are you ready, my future clients? Don't forget to email me! I would like to thank you very much for greeting my birthday last time. You guys made me BIG SMILE! Thank you very much for enjoying my comic. When I have time, I can make another comic. This March month, I can't believe that it gives me more busyness. I'm so happy that busyness can make me less depressed. Dang, I will have more projects like future art shows, commissions, etc. for next few months. WORK! WORK! WORK!

I have more family activities this March. Glad that my brother Jeremy, sister-in-law Willen and their adorable handsome baby son, Liam are staying with us for their short vacation. I was finally happy that I made my first nephew Liam s
mile. Yes, I saw his FIRST SMILE! Awwwwwww...... I have no idea that his first smile made me less depressed at once so I cried happily. He's two months old.

Anyway, my previous work got featured in the Mail Me Art Book! I already pre- ordered it. So I received it, hooraaaayyyy! The book is so cool and affordable. Mail Me Art book is available on Amazon, it's only for USD $19.80 !

Another information: The Mail Me Art Exhibition will be held during April 2009 (3rd April - 9th April) at the Red Gate Gallery in London. The exhibition will showcase work from across the globe and provide visitors with the opportunity to view and buy artwork that has contributed to the project and drawn together a diverse community of artists. All of the work submitted to the Mail Me Art project will be on display and available for purchase.

Okay, let's go back to Mail Me Art book, I would like to share more details with you guys.

And yey, my dearest friend Rawini's artwork got featured too! :)

There are many great illustrators and designers on Mail Me Art especially Dan May, Catalina Estrada, Alberto Cerriteno, Jason Limon, Kristian Olson, Michael Slack, more! I would like to give my big thanks to Darren Di Lieto, who created his great project, Mail Me Art. It's wonderfully amazing!

Finally, I was done carving my classic circus style alphabet stamps last February. I love them all! Dang, I am a carving addict! I can't wait to make more typography stamps!

I might not active on internet soon. I will have more family activities next week. Much love to you all! Good day to you, Good night to me! Big Bro Jeremy, Big Sis Willen, Liam, my sister Erica and I will go to Baguio City for the family vacation tomorrow! YEY! I need to get out of my major depression, stress and burnout. Good night to all of you!


lgeorgia said...

Hi Cuz!

This is great news - congratz! I'm going to the exhibition. I've already marked my diary. I will take lots of pictures of your work there! We're so proud of you :D


Pat and Susana said...

awww, so happy to read about your time with your family. Little Liam is such an adorable baby. His smile also warms our heart. ♥

Congrats about the book! That is soooo awesome!! We are ecstatic with these news and very proud of you!! Unfortunately we wont be able to attend the art show since we will only be travelling to the UK in May :( but we are both sure that the event will be a huge success :D

The alphabet stamps are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and so unique!! You did a wonderful job sweetie!! :D

Have a wonderful and relaxing time with your beautiful family. Hope you manage to relax a lot to regain your strengths. ♥

Big hugs to you!!

Sara said...

Your stamps are gorgeous! I'm a bit nervous to try making word and letter stamps, but you are making me want to!

Your nephew is so adorable - you're so lucky to have seen his first smile!

Well, I wish you lots of luck in your coming projects! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Meagan said...

Congratulations, I'm glad things are looking up for you!

Meagan said...

Congratulations, I'm glad things are looking up for you!

mushroommeadows said...

Congrats on the book!! Your nephew (right?) is adorable! And last but not least, I love your alphabet stamps. :)

Jepoykalboh said...

whew! at last.... i havent visited ur blog for quite some time... hehehe back in C&E Publishing the IT Department blocked all sites that has the word "Blog"... hmmmm that really made me upset.. anyway i just resign from C&E publishing... i got a new Job in makati... hehehe. NOW! i can now visit ur blog anytime i want... hehehe... have a nice day and sweetest night Ms.Mall... (n_n) wink* wink*


Mall said...

georgia: Hello ate gorgeous georgia! :D Yey! I'm sooo happy that you're going to attend the UK exhibition for me! Weeee! don't forget to take pics! I wish I could visit you there, hu hu hu! :D

pat&susana: dankeeee! yep, Liam is quite adorable! Hope he will continue to smile and smile! :D Aww, it's ok about the exhibition, I already knew that you both plan to go to UK in May. I wish I could be with you both during travelling, lol! glad you both loved my stamps. :) Yes I'll take care of myself, dont worry! :D MWAAAH!!! Miss you both badly!

sara: tee hee! don't be afraid to make alphabet stamps! I know you can do it! :D Can't wait to see more your stamps! yeah, I'm so happy to have more future projects! weeee! Much love!

meagan: :D thank you !!!!!

mushroommeadows: (i love your cute name) thank you! yes, he's my FIRST nephew. :D glad you loved my stamps, im so pleased!

jepoy: Uyyyy jepoy! I'm surprised that you quit your past job? anong nangyari???? Awwwww... finally you saw my blog at last. Im happy that you got a new job, sana maganda ung trabaho mo. :) have have a nice day too! wink wink!

pupu said...

Hey Mall!!!

Today I'm going to Philippines. :) But i don't know how to get in contact with you. i hope i can get internet there. haha Ahh you got the mailmeart book already. And i saw my art toooooooooooo!!! I'm jealous. I want to buy it tooo!!!! Btw Mall, I'm leaving for Korea after i come back from Philippines. I'll be flying to Korea on the 26th Mac 2009. Wish me good luck girl. I'll keep in touch with you yeah!! *HUGGLESHH*