Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nature II (UPDATED, two new pictures)

Remember my past blog entry about nature photography? Past few days ago, I enjoyed taking few photos, that made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Enjoy viewing my pictures.

Sorry, there are no snails because of extreme hot weather here. I was watering my plants in the garden. We need rains here!
And do you remember my handmade terra cotta sculpture, Piggie? He's still alive. I bet he's happy to have many friends like black creatures, insects, butterflies, etc.
My precious beach where I live near...
Seaweed... Seaweed Land.
Corals... with mosses? Hehehehe, cute tiny seaweeds. I know shy crabs hide themselves.
And my male cat is named ChowChow. I found him in the garden past few years ago. I didn't know him and where he was from. He was a lost kitten. So I took him to become my new family. Now, he's growing up fast. He's so handsome and sweet, isn't he? He loves to bite my wrist and my feet playfully.

See you my next Nature chapter III photography!


erasmusa said...

ang gaganda! am no beach person, but having a view of the sea wouldn't hurt.

Meagan said...

Many of your photos remind me of your drawings! :) I love the crazy seaweed.

Sara said...

I agree - many of the photos I see from you remind me of your beautiful illustrations! It's so neat to see what inspires you - and also very refreshing to me to see your beautiful landscape. I live in mid New York state, and right now everything is miserable and covered in brown, slushy snow.

Your kitty is so beautiful!

Lilla Jizo said...

Mall, I love your close-ups, especially the garden moss and the sand, so lovely! :) And your cat is very beautiful - such eyes!! :O I'll send you a picture of mine in my next letter :) Write to you soon! Love!

marn said...

Pretty photos. I love the moss.

I really like your signature too. Is that a font?

Mall said...

erasmusa: :) maraming salamat! glad the sea view made you smile. :D

meagan: Hehehehe indeed, i agree with you about photos and my art. That's why nature always inspires me, which means it makes me wanted to keep working alot. :D Me too, I love crazy curly seaweeds! :D

sara: it's true, I always walk outside in my garden and my beach every 5 o'clock pm for takin' a break. So I love to see something special and inspired. :D Ohhhh I miss NY! I went there before, it was quite cold! Glad I touched that first snow! :) Yeah, my cat is still adorable. :D

lilla: Liiiiillllaaaaaaaa.... :D thanks for your note! I'll reply to you soon! Your cat Ramses is quite handsome! O__O I wish I could have Octicat! Glad my pictures and my cat made you smile! :D Much much love! miss you!

marn: thank you so much! nope, it's not a font. that's my real handwriting but I photoshopped it for cleaning. :D (by the way, I love your book bindings and knitting stuff!) Cheers!

polo said...

you never cease to inspire us! i discovered your profile on design taxi portfolio yesterday. I was looking at all of your works in your website for a few hours whew! now i have a new crush on you :P

polo from argentina

Khylov said...


(*high fives*)

Khylov said...

Ah, btw; new icon.


Xinlin said...

Haven't seen your stuff in a while, but they remain as lovely as ever :) The nature photography images are gorgeous, and I hope you attempt more of them!


Pat and Susana said...

These gorgeous pictures look more like canvas than photos :D the textures are fantastic!! No wonder the nature that surrounds you inspires you so much. Its wonderful to see all of it through your eyes ♥ That beach scenery is sublime and love the pic with the seaweed!!

Echoe the above comments that some of this pics reminded us of your magical paintings ♥ ♥ ♥

Maraming salamat for another post filled with so much beauty!

MWAH!! Miss you <3 <3

Lilla Jizo said...

Miss you too Mall! Your updates are just wonderful! I love the little sprout in the moss!

TrüSka said...

Hi Mall!! Could you do me a favour - go to my blog and tell me what do you think of my first new t-shirt... Thankx Mall!! Big Kiss : *** Muacckkkk

Eric Orchard said...

Achingly lovely photos!

vir° said...

may you add me?