Sunday, June 27, 2010

Olivia & Oliver

Moshi, moshi! How you all doing? I would like to show my commissioned pieces for my client Nini from Hong Kong, who is so sweet, patient and kind. In May 2010 ( after I created my Innocent Girls drawings), I started doing my paintings for NIni. I love the way Nini explained a lot clearly what her adorable kids Olivia and Oliver requested about their interests / desires. For Olivia: dragon, magic, cute creatures and blue & green colors. For Oliver: his bestfriends ( turkey & chicken ), wood fire engine & blue/yellow colors... but sometimes he confuses about red & orange. Here are some photos and sketches. Gosh, Nini's kids are intensely adorable!

Click to view a full image.

My art preparation: two mixed media on canvas & one large wood board which Nini requested. Nope, I didn't make the wood boards by myself. I went to the wood working shop for making custom boards, it's so easy and not pricey. Then I stretched and primed a thick canvas by myself... yeah, I got my few wounds on my fingers 'coz of stretching. I really miss stretching canvas! Honestly, I think the last time I stretched a canvas was in 2005 or 2006? Whoa, it's so long.... Next time, I should buy a stretcher. In my opinion, I really don't like to buy ready-made canvas boards at the art store because they look like low-quality materials. I always prefer custom high quality materials.

Anyway, enjoy viewing!
10" x 17"
Mixed Media on Canvas

10" x 17"
Mixed Media on Canvas

Another painting: Olivia & Oliver together, bees, butterflies, orbs, tall grasses, lady bugs & dandelions.
The Dandelion Dream
15" x 20"
Mixed Media on Wood

Hope you guys enjoy my art! Nini still plans to commission me more, but I hold on. I should finish other commissions before the deadlines! Don't worry Nini, I will let you know when I'll be ready to make more commissioned pieces later. Thank you so much for everything, Nini! Please give my big kisses and hugs to Olivia & Oliver from me!

Coming up. My art buyers wanted me to post my Edward Scissorhands painting before G1988 Los Angeles will launch the Crazy4Cult group show on July 9. Let's see, I'll try to post it before the opening gallery! Good night, I need to sleep now!


pupu said...

oh pheww* this is very gorgeous bright color Mall. I love the turkey chicken. so cute! :)

cecilliahidayat said...

incredibly amazing as usual :D

Angel said...

so cute, i love the colours you use and how bright everything is. so inspiring.

Saralynn said...

Oh, wow, Mall! These are so beautiful. I especially love the way you've painted the dandelions. Your dragon is also lovely and unique!

sunshine said...

so beautiful...!!!

yeevon said...

Love your works! So beautiful :D :D Love that chicken lolz!

TDB said...

i am in awe! amazing!!

Mall said...

:) thank you guys! mwah mwah!