Sunday, July 4, 2010

Delight in Paper Chains

I must admit that I really enjoy doing every new challenge like I did my previous pieces about Alice in Wonderland & Twilight Zone themes. It's all good because a new challenge can improve my art skills so I love it. Past few months ago, Gallery1988 invited me to participate the group show Crazy4Cult 4, which is about tribute show to cult movies. I was intensely thrilled.

At first, it was so hard to choose either Edward Scissorhands or Willy Wonka. My family, friends and bloggers convinced me to prefer Edward and they voted vibrant and dark color scheme for my medium. So I accepted. I didn't remember about the story of Edward Scissorhands so I borrowed CDs from the video shop. I watched the full movie while doodling rough sketches.

I tried to do my new two challenges: bokeh or "out of focus" style / transparent effect / filter effect & more elaborated background which I saw Edward's creepy house. Before I started painting, I got idea about Edward's cutting paper cuts. I was thinking of myself, "Mall, why can't you imagine that he enjoys making creative paper cuts at his creepy house?" I imagined my picture... I felt sad and touched deeply that Edward showed his pure kindness to the three little birds ( my friend Patrick told me that three little birds reminds of Bob Marley's song so I didn't know that, haha! ) Anyway, enjoy viewing!

Delight in Paper Chains
Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Paper
11" x 14"

Yesshhh... my mission accomplished! If you're interested in buying my Edward piece, contact Gallery1988. Don't forget to visit Gallery1988 Los Angeles on July 9, Friday Night! I'm sure you guys will enjoy seeing many amazing artworks and artists there!

And other miscellaneous stuff... my original wood-burning piece, "Big Gossip" is SOLD! Still... I am sad, it's so hard to say goodbye to my favorite Big Gossip... I really miss my weird Japanese creatures, sigh. I'll definitely create more wood-burning pieces next time. Thank you so much, my wonderful art buyer Mary!

Nowadays, I work on my next art commission. Oh, crazy Liverpudian cityscapes... another new challenge! Well, I look so serious... Busy busy bee! (webcam pic)

Good news, I just realize now... My sister Erica and I record 1,012 sold in our Kirkus Shop since 2008! Hooray!

UPDATED: And I really enjoyed spending time with my first nephew Liam (my brother's baby son). I told him, "Liam, come here, kiss your auntie Mall... Because your Daddy, Mama and you will leave here for Manila. I'll miss you, my baby Liam." Thanks to my dearest mama, who captured this magical moment. I taught my mama how to use my Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera, hehe. When I have time, I'll teach my mama about ISO settings, manual focus, aperture, etc... Sigh, Liam always reduces my stress in my life and cheers me up!


pluww said...

ohh! i think you achieved the 'out of focus' effect really well. i love the colors. :)

Olivia said...

wow Mall I really love your art, you have the magic in every job you have done!!

i cannot wait to see each of your new paintings

yeevon said...

First of all, congratulations on your Kirkus Shop! :D :D Well done for the amazing sales!

Secondly, love your progress on Edward :) :)

Thirdly, I think I saw a humpy dumpy...

Pat and Susana said...

wow, darling, we are in awe with this new piece with Edward Scissorhands. The both of us cannot tell you how we looked forward to see the completed painting because we are huge fans of the movie. You definitely captured Edward sweet look - love his eyes and hair - and the vibrant colours you used are breathtaking. In the movie, he actually did some paper cuts :D the whole composition is as magical as the film. You excelled another challenge with great class. We are sure that this will be a huge sucess in the art show!!!

Those are awesome news about the sales at Kirkus and Big Gossip!! :D :D *dances*

Oh, and the new upcoming art commission is looking great!!!


VisionWise said...

Damn! You really did a great job on this May Ann... As usual... but seriously... Yor art is incredible... I am always in awe... I just showed Alex and his eyebrows went up, like wow!... hehee... I'm glad you're feeling better... Love to you friend... xoxoxo

Tammie said...

I love seeing your sketches and seeing the finished wonderful piece as well. Lovely family photos.

Paolo said...

Oh, I love everything on your art. The color, the idea, the emotions etc. I love it, how I hope I will have the chance to be as creative as you. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Mall, I love those pictures! Were they taken straight from the camera or modified by software like Photoshop/LightRoom? thanks!


Sabbio said...

Your Edward is so poetic and touching! I love this magic yet sad atmosphere, Edward's innocence, the light-hearted paper cut garlands, the bokeh effet... a grand piece! :D

And your pics with your nephew are really beautiful!

Mall said...

@pluww: :D aww thank you so much, much appreciated! I am so inspired by photography :D

@olivia: thank you sweetie! :D

@yeevon: thanks!:D how's your work for the show? ;) Yes, he's Humpty Dumpy, hehe!

@patricia&susana: awww, i feel so touched by your words, thank you so much! I already knew you both are fans of Edward Scissorhands! I enjoyed doing my new challenges that make my skills improved. mwah mwah mwah! :)

@lauren: thank you my dearest friend!!! Hehe, I didn't know your hubby Alex raised his eyebrows hehehe! :D hugs hugs!

@tammie: thank you! glad you enjoy my pictures :)

@paolo: hehehe salamat! I know you can do your best, kaya mo yan! :D

@wenyi: hello! Mostly I resized my images on Photoshop. :) Other few images are edited in colors because of the dark weather here! :( About my family photos, I photoshopped retro-style color scheme. :)

@sabbio: merci! I fell in love with Edward that's why I enjoyed painting him alot! :D mwah mwah!

Maricarmen Valero fotógrafa said...


yeevon said...

I have done the b&w outlines ready to colour by next week! when i'm finished, I will email you to have a sneak peak :p hehehehe

Khylov said...

1,012 sold since 2008.

Successful busy bee, indeed...

(*looks at artwork*)

Talented busy bee...

(*looks at photos of her working*)

Serious busy bee. Super model queen bee, even.

(*salutes and opens a bottle of beer for the Queen Hepburn.*)

betty jordan wester said...

the edward scissorhands painting is fantastic.

aemi said...

WOW! as in WOW! Amazing artworks. Love love love...