Friday, August 6, 2010

My Late Drawings

Hello guys! How are you all doing? I'm writing this blog entry when I'm sick... cough! cough! AaahhhhAAACCHOOO! Yeah yeah, I got painful sore throat and colds so I don't work on my artworks for 3 days. It's so good to write here again.

Before I did my Alice artworks for Gallery Nucleus, I created & submitted my four graphite drawings to Outerspace Gallery, Manila in February 2010. I know, I didn't post my drawings on my blog for 5 months because they always postponed the gallery show. Finally, I have pulled them out. I figured it out that they have problems about their gallery so I understood them. Anyway, I'd love to share my drawings with all of you. I must admit that I love my Innocent drawings more than these late pieces, hehe.

Graphite on Paper
I can't remember the exact measure, maybe 15" x 20"
I was greatly inspired by one of my favorite low-brow artists, Audrey Kawasaki. Nope, it's not for sale. This drawing belongs to my friend / famous Filipino low-brow artist, Luis Lorenzana. He wanted to trade artworks with me).

Graphite on Paper
estimated 15" x 20"
Sorry, it's not for sale again. I gave my big drawing to my dad. He wanted to show my drawing off to his doctors, friends and patients in his clinic, awww. (Eeee, did you see my new sexy black sandals? I love them!)

My two framed small drawings.

Graphite on Paper
8" x 10"
10" x 12" framed

Graphite on Paper
8" x 10"
10" x 12" framed

I made a small drawing for my sister Erica. She was upset because I was forgetful to buy a gift for her birthday. So I did my drawing for her and she was super happy. I told her "Promise me, silly Erica... Don't ever sell it to anyone!" Erica smiled and laughed mischievously then I rolled my eyes.

Currently, I was working on my next commission for my clients Vin & Shine (they are sweet couple, aww! I'm so excited about their September wedding!) Argh, I need to buy a canvas stretcher!

And surprise, surprise.... I received a Yoka custom toy. I really miss doing my Mellow toy. I can't believe... Yoka is bigger than Mellow! I can't wait to do it for my upcoming client Brenda. Are you all excited about my next custom toy, guys? Indeed, I'm intensely thrilled... *Mall squeals and she coughs badly. Her sister Erica shakes her head and pats Mall's back hardly when she still coughs....* Okay, ok, that's all folks, I need to sleep now. Goodnight and Sweetdreams!


stephanie said...

Love Love Love!!!
Esp the "Whatever" Graphite on Paper ♥
Cannot wait to see your commissioned work/custom toy!!
Miss you May~

Björnik said...

Wowowowooooow! I love 'em all Natalie, especially the piece Whatever! And I'm glad you had them back because I would have a difficult time parting with these beauties if I were in your place.

I can't wait to see your next commissions and what you do with Yoka!:D

Sabbio said...

These pieces are all splendid and your dad and your firend are lucky! ^^

I love "Whatever" girl's pose, she's feeling proud apparently ^^

And I hope your cold will be over soon.


Angel said...

I LOVE the 'whatever' picture. If I had the money Id totally buy it. It's so pretty. Love your stuff.

Hope you feel better!

pupu said...

I would love to have all of your graphite pieces. Amazing!!! and Beautiful!! :) One day i will request from you to make one small graphite pieces.

Will wait for the next painting. ^^*

Rest well Mall!!!*huggles*

VisionWise said...

I do like your sandals... and the girl paintings... :) I hope you feel better MALL!!! eat lots of strawberries! ♥♥♥♥♥ xo. Hi sister of MALL... you're such a good sis.

Saralynn said...

They are so beautiful, Mall! I can't believe how well their hair flows, and how lovely their expressions are.

Anonymous said...

As always your drawings are adorable and lovely!

I am so happy you were able to post them.

sheryl said...

amazing work as always :D

Javier said...

Wonderful pieces, Mall! :D I'm sorry to read you're sick, though :( hope you get better soon :)

Mall said...

thank you so much! you guys made me big smile! :D