Thursday, March 31, 2011

Innocent Girls II

I was quite happier that my past Innocent Girls pieces were sold out last year. Now I have created 20 new graphite pieces again. They are more different than previous ones, I really enjoyed improving my skills.

I explain why these girls got hit by arrows. I heard a lot from my real friends who are broken-hearted girls. They said to me, " I feel hurt 'coz he got cheated on me! " " I can't believe that he loves spending time with his friends more than me! " " He doesn't like me because he doesn't enjoy my low-class job so he broke up with me. " " I broke up with him because he isn't sweet to me anymore. " " I'm happy that we broke up... I figure it out that he isn't my right guy. " etc... I felt quite sad for them and realized that their hearts are hitting by bad arrows, I mean, they could break their innocences. I saw their real expression: angry, depressed, confused, hurt, unlucky, paranoid and go on. So that's what I got ideas and started drawing girls. I also got inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's lead girl characters, Nausicaa & Princess Mononoke. I learned from Miyazaki how he created many different expressions / actions of his girl characters.

The original drawings are done with graphite on thick papers. It measures 7" X 7" inches. Anyway, enjoy viewing!

" Chouko "

" Kaoru "

" Izumi "

" Ryoko "

" Naoki "

" Miwa "

" Akane "

" Rin "

" Miyoshi "

" Hinata "

" Yuina "

" Setsuko "

" Fumiko "

" Shiori "

" Aoi "

" Ayame "

" Chiyoe "

" Junko "

" Makoto "

" Kaeda "

More details.

My shy Toomoo plushie is way too distracted by my girls, haha. Toomoo would love them to become his adorable girlfriends!

Now who is your favorite girl?


Haring Mago said...

Junko would be my girl.. I'd Love to have her.. Q_Q

zeus bascon said...

ganda may ann!

Pedro Fanti said...

omg, they are all so amazing it's obcene. Naoki, Junko and Fumiko are definetly favorites. i need one of your for my wall <3 need it! congratulations

Pedro Fanti said...

omg they are all so amazing it's obcene. Fumiko may be the one for me. I need some of your art on my wall, NEED IT. congratulations, it's amazing and inspiring.

mots said...


these girls look better together :)

lidia puspita dulam said...

OMG..i love all your awesome artworks .. my fave of all is Ayame.. love her expression :-)

hello my name is pergy said...

woah i'm blown away~ i love them all
can't decide whom to choose,

i'm gonna die of frustration right now...

i do feel for rin and hinata

love love love

Dakie said...

these are so wonderful ate mall <3 i hope one day our girls can meet.

Joy said...

I like Yuina and Hinata. :)

Angel said...

omg. these are amazing! i wish i had the money for one!

Anonymous said...

junko.. love the gurls

Carrie Ann said...

So wonderful. I like them all very much. I hope I will be able to purchase one. they all look so good arranged together too.

Geneviève said...

I like them all but I tend to prefer Kaoru! Bravo!
Here is my blog if you're interested:

stephanie said...

Amazing work!!!
So many pieces that I love!! I would be happy with any one of them! :D
I really feel the pain when I looked at "Hinata"

Efa said...

Great works! Really like them! Like those expressions and the way you showed them to us!:)

VisionWise said...

HI May Ann! I love them all, but my favorite is "Yuina"... I wanted to tell you also that I no longer use Facebppk, so to contact me use my blog or Etsy... Love you! xoxo -Lauren

Anonymous said...

I love Aoi and Yuina the most. I've put the date they get released in my calendar and am going to try and keep some money aside! I've been admiring and loving your art for soooo long now.

Stela said...

Kaoru <3

Alice said...

Junko, Yuina and Akane! <3 Gorgeous.

songbird said...

Something about Rin. They're all stunning.

Cathy ^.^✿ said...

wo wo wooooo ! So really really great work my sweety ;) I love ♥ !
Kiss kiss !

cecilliahidayat said...

it gives me goosebumps staring at your girls. Brilliant work Mally! i can't even pick a favourite! XD

Florence Pacho - Artist/Jack of all trades said...

Fumiko! I'm sooo soooo excited! I'l send picture as soon as i get her! thanks Mall!


Anonymous said...

Wow excellent draws I'm really impress.

Ashley said...

Kaoru. She reminds me of myself and when I got hit with my first arrow.

Anonymous said...

omg how gorgeous isn't this??! amazing work! gahwd, they're all so beautiful. i tried to pick a fav, but ended up with 20 you know..(top top FAVS are: yuina and aoi, b'cuz she ripped the arrow out) again, amazing work! so beautifully emotional, fragile and strong at the same time. i adore these girls <3

Leigha Jenkins said...

Oh my gosh WOW. You dont know how much I love them. So Beautiful. Hope to own a few one day. Hugs - Leigha ♥♥♥