Sunday, April 17, 2011

Olivia & Oliver II

Remember my past commissioned pieces Olivia & Oliver? Yes, my wonderful client Nini asked me to make another commissioned artworks, yey! She can't help, she always falls in love with my art, I greatly thank her for supporting me! Nini requested me about portraying her kids, Olivia & Oliver & their cousins. Enjoy viewing!

15" x 15" inches
Mixed Media on Canvas
Olivia and her favorite creatures, Dragon, fairies & others. She loves warm mystic colors & adventure theme.

15" x 15" inches
Mixed Media on Canvas
Oliver and his favorite adorable plushies, Turkey & Chicken. He loves cool cozy colors & winter theme.

Fairy Circle
8" x 9" inches
Mixed Media on Wood
I also portrayed Olivia, Oliver and their cousins. Olivia & Oliver finally met their cousins after years, so they missed each other badly. Aww sweet.

Magical Garden
16" x 20"
Mixed Media on Canvas
Olivia & Oliver in garden.

Whew, all commissioned paintings are done! But who's that custom toy??? Well, that's my upcoming 3rd custom toy named Rabbito. Nini was very eager to ask me about creating a custom toy. I'll post my Rabbito photos & video next week. See you guys soon!


Lauren - VisionWise said...

Hi May Ann... :) These are all so lovely. I really enjoyed looking at how you incorporated the children into different scenes... I'm sure the mama loves them, they're all beautifully done, and the texture and color as usual- is amazing. Hugs to you and your fam...

Efa said...

There is so much happiness and magic in those pictures. I really love the way you made them.Colors are so lively and great:) Kids must be very happy to receive such a lovely gifts:)

Ela said...

Wow. Just... wow. I love how colorful everything is. Makes the world look bright.

azreenChan said...

Aww.. I adore these very very much! :'D

Ruki Trumata said...

stay amazing miss mall. :)

MisaLuv said...

These are beautiful Miss Mall. I was feeling a little down and I saw your new post and felt myself smile. Your paintings are warm and inviting. Very inspiring. :-) Keep up the beautiful work. Your hands and mind are quite wonderful and your art flows wonderfully.

ged carpizo said...

These are beautiful! Looking at them and the vibrant themes & colors makes my day brighter! <3 I have a curious wanting of touching the paintings though... some parts look like they have textures... almost 3D! These paintings will definitely radiate happiness wherever they go. :)

Sorrentino said...

The worlds you create are so beautiful and warm! You're a true inspiration and a unique soul! I love coming here to see what you're doing!!

s a n s k u :) said...

my first time visiting your blog. i absolutely l-o-v-e your graphite girl drawings. beautiful!

O2 from HK with Love said...

Mall, you deserve the holidays.. and we are glad to have all the paintings hanging proudly on our wall ^_^

Mall said...

Thank you so much, guys! So happy to read all your lovely comments, you guys make me big smile! <3

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