Saturday, April 23, 2011


When my client Nini saw my previous custom toy Yoka, she was quite eager to ask me to make another piece after finishing my commissioned paintings. About the concept for creating a custom toy, Nini requested me to combine all flowers, rabbits, Olivia and Oliver, nature, stars, rainbow colors, etc. I have made rough sketches. I asked Nini to create a name for my third custom toy ( Teddy Troops, it measures 10" inches). She named him "Rabbito". Sweet!

Photoshooting time! I really love taking photos of Rabbito in the garden. He's good at posing!

Click to view this larger image on Flickr.

And glow-in-the dark, I love it! (I increased the contrast level on Photoshop, hehe!)

Before shipping, I took images of me and Rabbito... I almost cried 'coz I really miss Rabbito as I also miss Yoka and Mr. Owl. Sigh... I'm glad that Rabbito is already blessed to have a new family in Hong Kong. Thank you very much for everything, Nini!

Finally, it's time to watch my Rabbito short film. I filmed it with my Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera, Voigtlander Cosina Nokton 50mm f/1.1, Lumix 20mm f/1.7, SLR Magic 26mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.7 lenses by using my handheld and Joby Gorilla tripod. Yes, it was a rather bit hard to film myself while working on Rabbito toy... But I enjoyed doing my big challenge. Like I said before, I wanted to become a film maker someday.

I recommend you to use HD on Vimeo so the images look quite clear! If you're a YouTube fan, go to my video on YouTube. Enjoy watching! I got inspired by my favorite music named Tycho. His songs make me so dreamy.


pupu said...

<3 <3 the video Mall!
Rabbito is so duper cute!!! ^^
Will wait again to see your next commission on custom toy.
I enjoyed viewing your custom toy! :)))))
take care dear! ^^

Den Lim said...

Finally! Another nice video.
I'm tumbling this.

Noora said...

I've been waiting for a new video. It was worth waiting. <3

burntfeather said...

Holy Moly, not only is Rabbito an amazing sculptural piece, but also an amazing painting and you've made another amazing video! Too many amazings :P I'm in love!

Ami said...

He's beautiful!
And i am very impressed with your film making skills, it was wonderful to watch. You are so talented!

mots said...

ang galing. malapit na kong mamatay sa inggit :D

bye bye rabbito

Nelka said...

Rabbito is so precious. And what a process you go through to complete these figures. No wonder it is hard to say good bye. They are so intricately designed and well done.
Amazing photography and video work, as always.

Lauren - VisionWise said...

Nyjah, Alex, and I just watched Rabbito's vimeo video- and of course we LOVE it!!! So rad... I love the hat and all the details you painted and sculpted... So beautiful May Ann... I am going to post your video on my blog tomorrow with a link to your Etsy shop and blog... Love you! *hugs*

Pao said...

Overflowing awesomeness again Miss Mall. Rabbito is simply adorbz. Great stuff! More of this Miss Mall!

bart ventura said...

a-ma-ziing! galing talaga. :)
ang cute nung gorilla tripod trick. *clap clap*

NicoSchmelling said...

you are so incredibly talented! And excellent short film, very good editing..!

Kat said...

I am still constantly in awe of you. Lupit!!! I love how clean your work is. You know that not only is it made by a pro, but it's made with much love. Pwede na magkaroon ng Mall Museum. :)

Blue Ink said...

I like you

Cynthia said...

Everyone has already confirmed that Rabbito is ownsome, so I'll ask a question. Is Rabbito rubber or clay? He looks firm, but when you put the lid (mushroom) on him, it squished. What is that?

Jag said...

Wow! I can't say anything but WOW!;)

Mall said...

@pupu: <3 <3 <3 thank you dearest! yes, I'll do more custom toys in the future. :)

@den: hey thanks for tumbling my Rabbito! :)

@noora: awwww thank you darling! <3

@burnfeather: thank you, much appreciated! :)

@ami: thank you! I learned from my art professor about making films before. So I really miss doing films. :D your drawings are cool!

@mots: hey al, i saw your writings about me! maraming salamat, katuwa naman! your watercolor paintings are quite adorable!

@nelka: your words make me big smile, I greatly thank you! :)

@lauren: awww thanks for enjoying & featuring my Rabbito film, my darling lauren! :D how you doing? miss you!

@bart: hehehe maraming salamat! I'm lucky to have my partner Gorilla tripod. :D

@nicoschmelling: thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :)

@kat: "mall museum", naks naman! hehehehe! :D

@blue ink: hehehehe thanks! :D

@cynthia: Rabbito is a vinyl toy so it's a rather bit soft like a rubber. Clay is really hard like a rock.

@jag: awwww thank you so much! :)

Yj said...

"hoy pasukan ng langaw bibig mo!" sigaw ng baby brother ko.

nakanganga pala ako the whole time na pinapanood ko ang video...

napakahusay... :))

aya said...

You have been a huge inspiration for me and motivate me to keep drawing. I hope that one day I can own one of your creations as a constant reminder to persevere and move forward.

TrüSka said...

What can i say... you always leave speachless... Amazing work Sweet Mall! Kisses, kisses : ***

Anonymous said...

gratest respect you are inspiration

Mall said...

@Yj: hahahahaha! katuwa naman. maraming salamat, glad you enjoyed my film! :D

@aya: awww. *hugs* thank you so much! :3

@truska: thank you my dear! mwah mwah mwahhhh! :D

@bdoroszko: thank you very much! :)

lars anderson said...

I like this! thanks..:-)

who made the music? Lars

Fifi Q said...

It's beautiful! Ha ha, I know, late comment, but it really is something else.