Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My POST-IT® works & Ilona's custom toy

Don't forget to attend the POST-IT show at Atticus BCN Gallery, Barcelona Spain tomorrow on May 5! Wish I could visit there, huhu! It's USD $20 each Post-It piece! Very affordable!

So I created my Post-It paintings, woo hoo! It's quite easier to paint them fast because of small size. Wish I could do more hundreds of Post-It pieces but I didn't have time... so I made 8 artworks. Thank you so much for inviting me, Crajes! I really appreciate it so much!

updated: ALL SOLD.

Babu is so tiny!

Anyway! Remember the 2nd winner of my February birthday giveaway named Ilona from Netherlands? I was quite surprised that she made something for me! She's such a big darling! She sent me her photos of her custom toy progress. She created my characters Babu & Abu on DIY Munny toy! She said she got inspired by my old painting, Hide and Seek. Speechless...I super love it! Click to view this large image.

Ilona also sent me her beautiful images in the plant! When I enjoyed looking at her photos, I got a simple idea about making my story. Click to view this large image.

Finally, I received Ilona's package after more than 3 weeks (gosh, the shipping was way too long)! I adore this koi stamp & Netherlands postal stamp!

Her writing is super adorable!

Ilona portrayed my characters fish, Abu the cat & Daruma on a packaging box! Her girl character Cream (and her little creature) is way too cute!

Cute oh cute! I am still speechless, I never expect that Ilona created this amazing custom toy for me. Oh wow... I must admit that this is my future dream / wish to make a real Babu figurine someday. Ilona really makes me happier! Click to view this large image.

Then Ilona asked me to make some pretty photos of Babu for her. Sureness, I enjoyed taking photos today. Circusy. I can't stop giggling when I see Abu on Babu's butt. Abu is truly mysterious.

Babu loves a pretty bougainvillea flower.

And he climbs, lol.

I love to cuddle him.

I put Babu on my large mixed media painting, From Dreamland. Perfect!

Classic black & white photography.

The sunset is over. It's time to rest, Babu. I really hope you like my photos. Thank you so much for everything, my dearest sweetie Ilona!


...Hane... said...

Can I buy this one??

mots said...

ang cute!!! i love the details of your post-it paintings and babu is soo adorable.

eye candies!!!!!

Mat said...


Amazing stuff on your blog. I am pro photographer from Slovenia and found your blog when I was looking for information on lumix lx3. I must say that i like the way you take photos, your unique style, but your paintings are just amazing. Best wishes.

MisaLuv said...

Loved the post-it paintings and the gift you were given.

Anonymous said...

Oh my :] Babu is simply adorable.

Jennifer said...

Hello po Ms. MALL, :)
Maraming salamat po sa inyo.
Idol na idol ko po talaga kayo, kaya lagi po akong pabalik-balik dito sa blogspot niyo.

Thank you po being the person that you are. Mahusay po kayo, napaka-talented, pero sa kabila po nun, napaka-humble niyo pa rin po and very funny pa.

Gusto ko po talagang maging katulad niyo. Pero sa tingin ko, medyo may pagka-imposible yun.
Napapanganga po ako kapag nakikita ko yung mga gawa niyo. Napakaganda po ng mga mundo na binubuo niyo through art. Kapag tinitignan ko po sila, para akong nananaginip. Napakasaya sa pakiramdam.

Thank you, thank you po Ms. MALL.
You always give me hope and make me feel na although this world isn't going any better there is still a place where I can still find my hope and dreams come true. And it's through your art.

Chisa said...

Oh my God. How could I even survive without knowing your art?? Looking at your pictures is like looking at the possibilities colors, pencils and all art supplies can give us...I used to draw and paint at lot as a teenager and I was very much influenced by Japanese popular culture. I ended up studying Japanese studies and while I'm quite fluent in Japanese now, and even lived in Tokyo for a while, I stopped painting some while ago because of time consuming studies and paper writing.
This year has brought a major change in plans, though and I started my own blog to get back in touch with my creative self.
Love your blog!!! Come and visit mine sometime.

yaga said...

Post it paintings? Ooooh boy! fabulous! I love the colors and how tiny everything is. Makes me go Aaaaawhhh... everytime I look at them!

Mall said...

@hane: hello! aww it was already sold. :)

@mots: maraming salamat, al!!! :D

@mat: hello mat! thank you so much for visiting my blog and enjoying my art, much appreciated! Wow, your photography is way too amazing and cool, I visited your site! :D Are you planning to buy LX3 cam?

@misaluv: thank you, thank you! :3

@anonymous: thank you! Glad you liked Babu. :)

@jen: you know why you & your wonderful words made me huge smile, I can't stop smiling hehehehe! I'll reply to you soonest! (I saw your recent drawing thru email, awwwww.... your cat Wrinkle is so cute!) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

@chisa: Aww thank you so much! Your comments made my day! :D I am so happy that you really enjoyed my art, much appreciated! Wow, you were also inspired by Japanese culture? that's so cool! I visited your blog, your photography & drawings are great! Hope you may have free time to do more drawings, I'm sure you can! :) Sigh, wish I could visit Japan someday!

@yaga: yep, they are post-it pieces. :D thank you so much!