Saturday, May 4, 2013


Finally, glad I did my 4th toy again. My talented sweet lovely client Denise Baldwin a.k.a. ODDimagination sent me 6" inches Munny toy. She said, 
" As far as what to do with the Munny, I truly meant what I said and you may create WHAT EVER your heart desires. If that is Babu and Abu that is great! If it is something else, that will be great too! If you want to experiment - go for it! Even if you need to cut holes in that munny or cut open his head (ha ha!). My truest joy will be in having a creation that is totally from you!
Awww, I was happily pleased that she respects my own imagination.

Before I started customizing Munny toy, I tried to search Denise's wonderful artworks on her Etsy shop and found her work, " Baby Fennec Fox ". This gave me a good idea and thought of myself, " I adore Fennec fox, I must create him for Denise! " I got inspired by Yakuza, which those beautiful detailed tattoos amazed me. Please see my wip photos in my previous blog entry. Honestly, I was so slow to customize Fennec toy. Because I was also busy in doing running errands, attending my friends' two wedding events and other busybee stuff.

After more weeks, it's done! " Fennec " is not my title so once he will be arrived, my client Denise will have a new name for him soon. Red ribbon from the local craft store and cruelty-free angora furs from Etsy shop are perfect for customizing Munny toy. I love it!

I think he's really good at posing / modeling. 
Love him so much, he's really quiet, positive, humble and brave.

I was also videotaping while working on Fennec toy! I filmed it with my trusty Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera, Voigtlander Cosina Nokton 50mm f/1.1, Lumix 20mm pancake, SLR Magic 26mm toy lens and my dad's old tall tripod. Unfortunately, I still haven't received Pico Flex Dolly from online store for more than 2months. Super disappointing... that's why I used my dad's old tripod asap. 

TAKE NOTE: my video might make you dizzy 'coz mostly I did " pan right " camera technique movement. There are few errors in two programs, iMovie and Garageband about audio / clips so my video is slow, wobbly and not smooth, it makes me disappointed. 

When I have time, I need to re-edit a new movie project for smoothening my Fennec video and learn how to use Adobe Premiere / Final Cut Pro. Anyway, SHOW TIME! Get popcorn and enjoy watching! DON'T FORGET TO USE HD (720p).

UPDATED: My friend Jean-Sébastien Monzani helped me to re-edit my wobbly video, which it looks clearer, smoother and much better! I have replaced my video with this revised one. Merci!

He already shipped yesterday. He can't wait to become a new family member of her owner Denise soon. Next time, I'll make one for myself so I won't be sad, hihi. Miss you so much, Fennec.

For my next commissioned Trikky toy, I don't think I'll videotape it because of my current busy art projects... maybe better next time. I'll post my Trikky toy and sculptural piece (fox + tiny kittens) for my client Edward once they will be done. See you guys next time!


mijbil said...

Absolutely stunning! :) I already follow you on Tumblr, and I am glad I found your blog too! Big hugs from Sweden!

esther said...

i love the video! i enjoyed watching the process of making this beautiful toy. :)

Hanna said...

Precise work! That little fella looks cool. :)

Jenny De La Torre said...

Niiiiice! ^______^

Annie said...

Hi Mall~

Fennec is beautiful~♥♥ I especially love her tattoos and her ears, and the stars on her hair~♥

Your work always inspires me.

I can't wait to see the next one!♥

Anonymous said...

Absolutly beautiful!

Diana Alderete said...

Beautiful! I really love your work!! It's amazing!

wigiela said...

wow! this is the first time i've seen your work. Love it! :)

Sally said...

It's so sweet! The video is very nice.